Hi. Here you can follow

my ID journey

To start the journey, I’ll first explain how you can travel. This portfolio contains three main sections, all filled with reflections and evidence. First of all, you can find a list of all my learning activities from my Master, including my FMP Tuun. These learning activities were the foundation of my general growth. Here you can find more general reflections on my competency development. This growth has ultimately shaped me as a designer. In me, you can find my vision, identity and future. 

In my Master, I have guided myself with goals through my PDP’s. The most current one can be found on the right or in this link. Additionally, you will see the most important and recurring goals from the past years too:

Get a balanced design process
Get better scientific grounds
Get more user involvement

Everything I did


Go to activities
Which shaped my


And ultimately formed


Vision Identity Future
a million

Thanks to

Bart Hengeveld, for being a supportive and awesome coach

Vibes muziek, for offering the focus group

Family & friends, for supporting me in many ways

Everyone at GGzE eLab, for helping me & for having so much fun